Aged Care Glossary

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ACAT - Aged Care Assessment Team

Accommodation bond - Money Left as a deposit with the Facility as security

Accreditation Status - If A home has the accreditation or not

Accreditation Audit - A site Audit (assessment) of the Quality of care provided

Accreditation Standards - The standards an aged care home must meet before receiving public funding

Advance health directive - A document which records your wishes and preferences for your comfort, dignity and treatment during critical and terminal illness

Advocacy - An independent service for receivers of Aged care

Age Care - Care Provided to elderly People who are unable to care for themselves any longer

Age pension - Centrelink Payment for elderly People without sufficient other income

Aged care Assessment Team - A team of Health Professional who assess older people to see what services they require

Ageing in Place - A Home that allows resident to move to differing levels of care

Allied Health Care - A range of services and therapies such as Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy etc

Alzheimer's Australia - The National body for people living with Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer disease - A degenerative illness affecting the brain, and the most common form of dementia

Arthritis Australia - The Peak body dealing with Arthritis in every state in Australia

Assets Assessment - An evaluation of assets to see if someone qualifies for assistance

Asthma Foundation - The association of all the local Asthma foundations providing advice and support to asthma sufferers

Australian Podiatry council - The national body for Australian podiatrists

Basic care fee - A contribution towards the cost of care provided

Basic daily care fee - A contribution towards the cost of day care

Beyond Blue - A national body for depression issues

Bowel Continence - A condition relation to the control of the bowel

Care Plan - A plan to assist the care offered

Carer - Family members of friends providing support to someone needing it

Carer Allowance - A centrelink income support for people without any other income in order to be a carer

Carer Payment - A centrelink payment for people who need income in order to be a carer

Carer support groups - Groups to provide support an assistance to carers

Carers Australia - The national body representing carers within Australia

Centrelink - A government agency providing payments to Australians in need

Chronic disease - Long term ongoing diseases usually incurable or age related e.g. Asthma diabetes mental illness etc

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - A lung disease blocking the tubes in the lungs making it harder to breathe

Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centers - Single point of contact to reach most service providers

Conditional adjustment payment - This provides aged care providers to give increased high care

Continence - Continence is the ability to exercise voluntary control over the bladder and/or bowel

Continence Aids Assistance Scheme (CAAS) - The Continence Aids Assistance Scheme (CAAS) provides assistance to people who have permanent and on-going incontinence due to a permanent condition.

Council on the ageing (COTA) - An Independent service representing the views of seniors to government bodies

Ct Scan - Computerized Tomography (CT) scan is a scan performed using an x-ray machine which is linked to a computer

Culturally appropriate care - Culturally appropriate care, as well as including the care available to all Australians, takes into account special needs arising from culturally and linguistically diverse background